The Solar Print Project

General presentation of the project

SOLAR-PRINT will develop a technology to produce, on an industrial scale, large-area polymeric solar cells which are lightweight, cheap and easy to integrate, thanks to a continuous “Roll-to-Roll” printing technique.

Printing machine

Photovoltaic modules produced by means of this technology, based on solution-processable organic semiconductors, will have a competitive cost, down to half of the commercial silicon solar cells now on the market, and they will be “green” thanks to a lower energy consumption needed for their fabrication, to a shorter payback time and to a lower production of equivalent green-house gases.

This technology will allow the fabrication of flexible solar cells on a plastic substrate, in the shape of long ribbons, colored and semi-transparent, paving the way to novel applications, and markets, which are innovative, and at the same time alternative with respect to silicon ones.

The focus of SOLAR-PRINT is technology development and consequent commercial exploitation.

On the short term this will lead to the production of portable, wearable, flexible solar cells for distributed energy generation. On the long term our solar cells will give birth to a new type of functionalized lightweight cover, employed in tensile structures from camping tents, emergency camps, up to mega-structures like stadiums, forums and alike buildings.

Examples of
Mountain applications.


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